--#1 Hello, World!--

Guess no intro is needed, but welcome to the new undesigned MeekPoitierConspiracy.com website.

I love design, as a matter of fact i'm also a designer by trade amongst other things...

The reason for the undesigned looks is, Im fed up of the web looking the same with so called slick responsive site that looks photographically pleasing, but are just displayed in grid layouts. I find this very constricting and none creative. I think design has lost its way and become a formulaic, static, closed, no space, freedom... although this is due to the constrictions of our favourite hand held devices, I can't but help but think we are missing a trick here.

In respect to the current responsive websites out there and the general design rule of thumb that evrything on online must be responsive, hence we must follow the 9 square grid rule.

Ok, there is a method and a good reason for this. It simply works, based on evidence gathered from years of design physcology and proven graphic design layout, mainly newspaper print design.

BUT!!! It is too common and everything looks exactly the same at heart, everything in nice little boxes, aligned left or justified, things itching to break the boundries, the borders of the page and come crashing out, flowing over the edge of the browser; somewhere to escape the prison of the block.

I believe we can do something about this, go back to basics, back to old school, the dawn of the WWW. design. but yet we can still use modern methods such as responsive design, the ability to design for various screen real-estate, yet capture those great spacey, airy, flowing lost landscape website designs.

So here is my effort, coded from scratch using only a text editor, no WSIWYG compiliers/software to layout my site. Just simply stripped back to the simplicity of plain text (actually appearence only), simple lines, squiggles, black and white design, to make a bold statement that web undesigned minimalism is still in existance, loud, proud and simply doesnt give a shit!!

Hurrah !!

So, enjoy poke around, explore.... no rules