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iFSS announce FREE – FOREIGN KiT#1

Here it is, the eagerly awaited #iFSS Infamous Foreign Sound Society FOREIGN KiT#1

17x Sounds of inspiration created by iFSS’s own
DJ AirWax
Meek Poitier
The FOREIGN KiT#1 is includes: Kick drums, HiHats, Snares, chord loops & the TheraMeek!

The sounds are waiting to inspire your next hit creation !!
Available NOW to download from when you sign up to the Infamous Foreign Sound Society newsletter


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Infamous Foreign Sound Society on recruitment drive !

IFSS (Infamous SForeign Sound Society)

#iFSS Infamous Foreign Sound Society are on a recruitment drive to find top producer talent to join the team.

They are also on the look out for up-and-coming artists to develop and set them up for greatness.

If you have what it takes and meet the minimum requirements then head over to and fill in the application

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Hello World ! – Infamous Foreign Sound Society website is ‘Live’

IFSS (Infamous SForeign Sound Society)

Thats right the Infamous Foreign Sound Society website is now ‘live’ on the BIG WorldWideWeb.

You can find all information about #iFSS Infamous Foreign Sound Society at

All relevant #iFSS social media links, articles, projects, kits and contact #iFSS directly; also if you want to join #iFSS you can do that there too, by submitting a recruitment form available shortly at


If you can also reach me at #iFSS for all beat making queries through this email:

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DSi Tempest & Part 4 of Drum Machine 1949 – Present (Akai 1000, 2500, 5000 & Dave Smith Instruments Tempest)


Having done a quick Hangout with #iFSS where we discussed the DaveSmith Instruments – Tempest (2011) drum machine, it confirmed what I always believed, YES, I definitely want a DSI-Tempest it would make a great addition to my current studio setup.

As I mention in the video (link below), I like the fact that it is its own stand alone unit with its own sounds. The fact that you can’t add samples to it or sample with it adds to the mystique of the instrument. To me the tempest is an instrument not just a bit of kit to add a bit of sparkle to your production.

It requires dedication and as mentioned it isn’t currently expandable, like a traditional instrument e.g. piano or saxophone, violin etc…
The fact that you are limited by its options doesn’t leave your starring at it like a blank canvas, much the same way as other DAW controllers/instruments with forever expanding capabilities. There is a starting point.

For me, the boundaries of what you have, you have to make do, which forces you to find something new, innovate and be different. Otherwise you will always sound the same.

I can image its like a true analogue synth, in so much as you become part of the sound, part of the whole design, part of the machine.

Push past where you found it !

DSI Tempest all the way.



Below is part 4 in a series of youtube/Google hangouts on the history of the drum machine from 1949 – present day.
Hangout features: Meek Poitier, DJ Air Wax & Sipp Eazy

Here Infamous Foreign Sound Society #iFSS discuss the Akai 1000, 2500, 5000 and the stunning Dave Smith Instruments – Tempest.



MPC1000 (2004)

MPC2500 (2006)

MPC5000 (2008)

Native Instruments Maschine (2009)
(Sipp Eazy doing demo)

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest (2011)

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Meek Kit #1 first reviews

The first wave of reviews for the Meek Kit #1 are here!

See what the reviewers are saying, how they received it and what they are doing with the Meek Kit #1
Sign up to Meek’s newsletter to receive your FREE Meek Kit #1


Review by DJ AirWax from iFSS

DJ AirWax runs through the sounds and discusses uses, then creates two beats with the Meek Kit #1



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Meek Kit #1 is available for download

Meek Kit #1 box


The first Meek Kit is available for download. All you have to do is fill out the details and answer a few questions then hit subscribe !

The Meek Kit #1 is made up of 13 quality sounds, that can be used in your musical projects under creative commons license.

These sounds were created at high resolution 32bit – 96khz capturing all the nuances and subtleties of nice fat analogue warmth. The downloadable Meek Kit #1 is presented to you at CD quality 16 bit – 44.1khz .wav files.

Meek Kit #1 .wav sounds included:

3x Bass
2x Kick
2x Snare
2x Special Bell(s)
2x Special analogue modular sequences
1x Special analogue modular drone
1x Special Rumble

The Meek Kit #1 was designed with film, motion picture, games and beats in mind.

Powerful analogue kicks will give you great depth and power to lift and add warmth to your tracks. The drone is pleasant, comforting and doesn’t give you ear fatigue; great for that ambient minimalist or epic project.

Big and wide analogue bass sounds provide tons of low end to fill out the sound of your project. The bass sounds wouldn’t go a miss on a dance or techno track !!

Lush bells help create the perfect background eerie horror ambience for dark and sinister moods or together with the drone create a peaceful meditative vibe.


Thats it folks!!

Enjoy the kit, and remember to share your creations you use your meek kit on!!
I look forward to hearing your creations and reading your reviews of the first Meek Kit #1


Meek out!

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The Drum Machine 1949 – present with #iFSS – Part I


The first in a series: The history of the drum machine part 1

Meek (#meekpoitier) and the Infamous Foreign Sound Society (#iFSS) discuss the development and history of the drum machine, from 1949 to 1980.
Please excuse, my phone kept falling down, hence sometimes I disappear.

See the individual drum machine videos we discuss here:

Chamberlin Rhythmate

Wurlitzer Sideman

Korg Keio Minipops MP-5/MP-7

Roland CR-78 Compurhythm

Linn LM-1