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Meek Kit #1 is available for download

Meek Kit #1 box


The first Meek Kit is available for download. All you have to do is fill out the details and answer a few questions then hit subscribe !

The Meek Kit #1 is made up of 13 quality sounds, that can be used in your musical projects under creative commons license.

These sounds were created at high resolution 32bit – 96khz capturing all the nuances and subtleties of nice fat analogue warmth. The downloadable Meek Kit #1 is presented to you at CD quality 16 bit – 44.1khz .wav files.

Meek Kit #1 .wav sounds included:

3x Bass
2x Kick
2x Snare
2x Special Bell(s)
2x Special analogue modular sequences
1x Special analogue modular drone
1x Special Rumble

The Meek Kit #1 was designed with film, motion picture, games and beats in mind.

Powerful analogue kicks will give you great depth and power to lift and add warmth to your tracks. The drone is pleasant, comforting and doesn’t give you ear fatigue; great for that ambient minimalist or epic project.

Big and wide analogue bass sounds provide tons of low end to fill out the sound of your project. The bass sounds wouldn’t go a miss on a dance or techno track !!

Lush bells help create the perfect background eerie horror ambience for dark and sinister moods or together with the drone create a peaceful meditative vibe.


Thats it folks!!

Enjoy the kit, and remember to share your creations you use your meek kit on!!
I look forward to hearing your creations and reading your reviews of the first Meek Kit #1


Meek out!