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Fun with Meek – videos
Youtube channel: MeekPoitierConspiracy
#MeekPoitier #meekpoitierconspiracy #iFSS

1- Modular meanderings of the acid house era.

2- Hacking Clock Dividers with audio – Doepfer A-160-1

3- Dual sequence with Doepfer A155/154 & MicroKorg

4- Fun with Meek – Ambience ‘Deep Space 9’ patch

5- Fun with Meek – Ambience ‘Faeries’ patch




Infamous Foreign Sound Society – ‘Live Google Hangout’
YouTube channel: Infamous Foreign Sound Society
#iFSS #InfamousFSS #InfamousForeignSoundSociety #ThatForeignSound

2- Problems & Solutions, that might complicate a beat team with #iFSS
(Overcoming problems of a beat team with #iFSS)

Meek Poitier, DJ AirWax & SippEazy





MeekPoitier Periscope video 1 – Periscope
3- Overcoming beatblock, general sample talk and music income streams – #RealTalk
Periscope: @meekpoitiercons


Blocks - MeekPoitierConspiracy.com